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Why These Restaurants Are Voluntarily Closing

Some owners are taking safety matters into their own hands.
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With COVID-19 cases on the rise again and surpassing numbers we haven't seen before, some states are returning to indoor dining bans and stay-at-home orders. The governors of Washington, New Mexico, Oregon, Illinois, and Michigan have all shut down indoor dining. But some restaurants in other areas are opting to close voluntarily, even though the move may deal a devastating blow to their business.

Restaurant owners are taking measures to protect their employees and customers from the virus by closing down for a few weeks, and in some cases, even a few months. The owner of J.W. Snack's Gulf Coast Bar and Grill in Craig, Colo. told the Craig Press he made the decision to switch to carry out and delivery only until Dec. 1 because he is concerned for his and employees health, and that of his family at home. (Related: 9 Restaurant Chains That Closed Hundreds of Locations This Summer.)

A cafe by the name of Main & Market in Annapolis, Md. announced on Instagram their plans to close, even though there isn't a ban on indoor dining in the state, according to The Baltimore Sun.

"We are looking at this temporary closure as a 'pause' in business or hibernation for the winter while the community and world continue to deal with the virus," managing partner Thomas Hogan said.

One Massachusetts restaurant is taking it even further and shutting down operations until April or longer. Business at Packard's bar in Northampton is slow in the winter as it is, but the fear that a customer or employee could spread the virus is too important to ignore, owner Robert McGovern told MassLive. Additionally, Northampton has a curfew of 10 p.m. which is changing the routines of the bar's regular customers, making the decision to close both a safety precaution and a financial one.

"Probably just a wise thing to close it up until April and see where we are in April," McGovern said. "Are we still going to be saddled with the same kind of restrictions that we have now?"

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