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This Is How Reza Farahan Lost 40 Pounds

Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan is known for his bold personality and even bigger appetite…

But, not too long ago, the reality sensation embarked on a mission to look as good as he did in his yesteryears. He proudly captioned a before and after photo on Instagram, "The day after Christmas [of 2016] I started a weight loss program and a bitch has been hard at work! I wanted to get my body back to where it used to be in my 20's and 30's! I'm not gonna lie, it was hard AF, but a bitch was diligent and a bitch was militant and a bitch did it! I LOST 40 F'ing LBS and I feel great! Just thought I'd share!"

reza farahan before after

Courtesy of Instagram/@rezafarahan

So what's his secret? "Hitting the gym hard AF and dieting like a biznatch," Reza eloquently captioned one of his before and after shots on Instagram.

reza farahan lifting
Courtesy of Instagram/@rezafarahan

Reza's definitely putting in work! In addition to lifting heavy at the gym and going on nature hikes with his BFF, the Bravolebrity has been avoiding sweets and perhaps going easy on the tempting Persian fare too.

reza farahan face before after
Courtesy of Instagram/@rezafarahan

And it sure shows—he debuted a leaned out face on Instagram and captioned the pic, "Does my face look different? On the left is December 20th 2016 and 40lbs heavier and the right is a photo I just snapped! I'm almost there, but I'm not gonna rest until I have a six pack! I'm actually going to try to be healthier and have a better body than I had in my 20's, and a bitch was lookin' fly back then. No more🐷, just💪🏼 from now on! #shahs#shahsofsunset #fit #workout#AbitchLost40LBS" We're rooting for you, Reza! Wondering how else you can drop the lbs too? Check out these 50 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds—Fast!

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