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What Rob Lowe Does to Look 20 Years Younger

"The candles on the cake mean absolutely nothing," says Rob Lowe.
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"It truly is about how you lead your life and not how much life is led." The veteran actor knows whereof he speaks: with each new role — from Parks and Recreation to, most recently, CBS's medical drama Code Blue — the 54-year-old seems to be aging in reverse. Thankfully, he's revealed his secrets to turning back time, and there's no magic required. So read on, then check out our report that's changed thousands of lives: 25 Foods to Help You Never Feel Old!

He Skips the Booze


Lowe has been sober since 1990. "I don't drink or do any of the crazy things I used to do when I was wild and young," he told Conan O'Brien on Conan. Not only does it keep him well behaved, he saves ab-destroying calories. Thinking of following Lowe's lead? Check out these 7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Give Up Alcohol!

He's into Action Sports


"I'm an Energizer Bunny. Any day I have time, I am doing something," he told The Cut. A self-admitted adrenaline junkie, he incorporates thrills into his daily workouts. "I try to do things to let the wild man out,' he said on Conan. "So skiing, surfing — adrenaline stuff." Although surfing is his No. 1, once indoors he takes intense, CrossFit-style weight-training classes.

He Starts the Day with Protein


Lowe kicks off each A.M. with the best thing you can eat to build fat-blasting muscle. "Breakfast is all protein, so I do eggs, Greek yogurt, Paleo, granola," he told The Cut. Stock your kitchen with these 30 Best Proteins for Every Goal!

He Drinks Coffee

"I start my morning with as much caffeine as I can get into my body," he admitted to The Cut. If I could do it through an IV, I would." That's maybe a little extreme, but coffee has demonstrated metabolism-revving and cancer-fighting properties. And it's only one of these 37 Best-Ever Drinks for Weight Loss!

He Lets Himself Have Cheat Days

"When I'm good Rob Lowe, it's no carbs and no sugar," he says. "Bad Rob Lowe is a Johnny's pizza followed by a chocolate egg cream. Bad Rob Lowe f—ing goes for it." The good news: Cheat days can boost your metabolism. Just follow some of these 20 Cheat Meal Tips for Weight Loss Success!

He Prioritizes Sleep


"Sleep is really undervalued," he told The Cut. "If sleep were an Olympic sport, I would be Michael Phelps." He staves off insomnia by sleeping in a room that's totally dark and quiet — no distractions from cellphones or TV. "If I could sleep in a coffin, I would. I want silence, I want darkness, and I really enjoy the process of falling asleep," he says. You will too, once you read these 8 Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep — they really work!


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