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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are Donating $1 Million to Food Banks

The married Hollywood couple is supporting non-profits in the time of the coronavirus.
blake lively and ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have announced that they are donating ONE MILLION dollars to food banks in order to help feed those in need in the U.S. and Canada during the coronavirus pandemic.

The celebrity couple each announced via Instagram that they are donating $1,000,000 to be split between two separate non-profits, Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused millions of people to cram their grocery stores and stockpile everyday foods, which has resulted in a rash of empty grocery shelves (and a ton of social media posts as evidence!).

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On Monday afternoon, White House guidelines were issued, which strongly recommended social distancing and avoiding bars, restaurants, and pubs. Now, there is growing concern of how restaurants, bars, and those who depend on them for their own livelihoods, as well as for food, will deal with these temporary closures.

Enter: Caring celebs like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who are stepping in to help.

Lively's Instagram post:

Food banks provide necessary nutrition to the nation's neediest, so this generous donation (and promotion of how to donate) comes at a critical time. The famous parents of three also encouraged acts of kindness and offering support to those who might need it.

It's not clear just how long the spread of the coronavirus pandemic will continue, but it's likely to take much longer than anyone hopes. Good on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively for supporting such important institutions in such dire times.

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