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Sam's Club Just Revealed This All-New Perk for Older Shoppers

It's the next step up from online shopping and curbside pickup.

Sam's Club is offering a brand new way to grocery shop for their elderly and immunocompromised shoppers: concierge service. 

From 7 to 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, select shoppers can now pull up curbside to Sam's Club and present their grocery list of foods they want to purchase to a store associate. The staffer will assist the shopper in entering items into the Sam's Club shopping app, at which point, an associate inside the club shops for the items and brings them curbside, where they're loaded into the shopper's car. Et voila!

The coronavirus outbreak has had an enormous impact on the manner in which many of us go grocery shopping—and we aren't just talking about social distancing and mask-wearing. Online shopping, delivery, and curbside pickup are all on the rise for consumers eager to limit their contact with as many individuals as possible.

Sam's Club was early on this trend, recognizing that some of its members "didn't want to have to come into the club, so we needed to flip to actually delivering at curbside," Sam's Club CEO Kath McLay told Yahoo! Finance. The transition has led to an "acceleration of curbside and club pickup, but also tools like Scan and Go, which enables them to do their shopping and have contactless payment."

That said, not every individual is prepared or comfortable to take advantage of these new grocery shopping offerings, which is why Sam's Club is offering this new personalized service. "In those situations, people drive up to the Club and will quite often have a handwritten list," McLay said. "We transact that onto an app and shop for them," which couldn't make the process of getting groceries any easier.

During these tough times, many supermarkets and grocery store chains have introduced a number of perks and benefits for senior shoppers, mostly in the form of early hours dedicated to the elderly and immunocompromised. Sam's Club appears to be going a few steps further—especially for the more technologically-challenged—by having associates outside their stores who can give personalized assistance to anyone who needs help managing their apps. For more, check out these 5 Red Flags Your Grocery Store Isn't Safe to Shop In.