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The #1 Reason People are Scared of Going to the Grocery Store

Multiple people are anxious about grocery shopping for this reason.
grocery shopping

Even though multiple cities are slowly starting to reopen up for business, there are a lot of people who are still fearful of going out in public due to the coronavirus pandemic. One place in particular people feel anxiety over is the grocery store. Why? Because of other people of course.

According to a study done by Datassential, which polled 3,000 grocery shoppers in the United States, customers said they avoid the grocery store because they do not trust the other shoppers and staff right now. Even if they are taking the proper safety precautions at the grocery store, there's no guarantee that others are following the same guidelines.

Multiple grocery stores have taken particular precautions themselves to try and keep customers and staff members safe inside such a public meeting space. Some of these precautions include lanes that direct traffic, six-foot distancing at the checkout line, and plexiglass guarding the clerks at checkout. However, if people have a relaxed approach with these guidelines, it can be difficult for the people who are struggling to feel safe during such an unprecedented time.

Another thing this study revealed was the customers' lack of confidence in the grocery store's ability to follow through with their guidelines. 60% of those surveyed said they fear distrust among fellow shoppers acting responsibly and these rules not being strictly enforced. Some even expressed fear of touching shopping carts, especially since those are one of the germiest spots in the grocery store.

If you are one of these anxious grocery shoppers fearing the trip to the grocery store, the best thing you can do is not only follow the proper guidelines yourself, but even try shopping during hours when there are fewer customers in the store. This may help with the amount of foot traffic you will have to experience and can put your mind at ease.

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