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The Secret Cutting Board Trick That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Thanks to this nifty Internet trick, you can stop making a mess in the kitchen!

While the Internet can sometimes feel overwhelming and oversaturated, it sure is full of a lot of great cooking hacks. One of the recent tricks I've chanced upon is the most incredible cutting board trick I have ever seen. Especially coming from someone like me who can't seem to not make a mess every time I cook in the kitchen.

I came across this brilliant trick while scrolling through TikTok one night before bed (guilty), so here it is: you know how some cutting boards have handles on the end? Well apparently, they aren't just for you to be able to easily grab your cutting boards from the cabinet. That hole in your cutting board can actually be used to help prevent you from making a total mess in the kitchen.

Next time you are chopping up vegetables to throw in a skillet—say for a stir fry—instead of just pushing the veggies off the cutting board into the skillet, you can skillfully push your chopped veggies through the hole to go right into the skillet. No rogue veggies falling onto the floor, yay!

Here's the video that I found on TikTok that shows this trick.

@foodiesDid you know this?! 🤯 ##lifehack ##food ##foodie ##fyp ##foodlover ##tiktokfoodie ##mindblown ##facts ##everydayheroes (cred: @ahiona.rod )♬ original sound – ahiona.rod

Brilliant, right?

Now, one thing to keep in mind when using your cutting board is cross-contamination. Even though this trick will save you mess in the kitchen, it's important to not cross-contaminate different foods on your cutting board.  This means if you're dicing up chicken, don't add vegetables to it next without washing it down. Cross-contamination on cutting boards is one of the ways you can get sick from cooking—so just avoid it altogether and wash your cutting board in between uses.

So the next time you're chopping up vegetables or meat on your cutting board as you prep dinner, give this trick a try. The kitchen—that you spend so much time cleaning—will thank you for it.

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