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The #1 Thing Shoppers Want to See at the Grocery Store

Shopping during the coronavirus can be stressful, but this one addition puts people the most at ease.

A new survey has revealed what public health practices make grocery store shoppers feel most at ease amidst the coronavirus pandemic: Making hand sanitizer available at the entrance of the store.

The May 2020 survey was published by Magid Food & Beverage Consumer Insights Tracker and polled 1,000 shoppers about their favorite grocery store options, as well as the behaviors that put them the most at ease during the COVID-19 outbreak. First reported by Supermarket News, the survey lists 22 retail chains that shoppers have found more favorable during these times.

Steven Flynn, senior vice president of consumer and commercial brands at Magid said, "Retailers need to put a heavy emphasis on proper health and safety measures to win back consumers. We found that having sanitary wipes and frequently using sanitary mists on shopping carts were the top actions that retailers can take to win back the trust of consumers and get them to return to their stores."

Here is the complete breakdown of customer's concerns ranked, according to SN:

Health and safety practices topped the list of consumer concerns in terms of what retailers must do to earn customers' trust to keep shopping with them, Magid found. Of actions that retailers can take, the most-cited was having sanitary wipes or a sanitation kit for shoppers at the front of the store (66%), followed by a sanitation mist to clean carts (65%), requiring face masks on all customers (62%), automatically opening doors (60%), seeing associates cleaning stores at all times (60%), limiting shopper capacity in stores (58%), employee temperature checks (57%), transparency into employee policies (57%), no-touch payment options (55%), protective gloves for shoppers or requiring their use (52%), UV light cleaning for groceries at checkout (52%) and curbside pickup (51%).

As medical and public health experts have learned about COVID-19 and what is behind the coronavirus pandemic, more details have emerged about the conditions that put individuals at the highest risk.

High-trafficked, crowded, and poorly ventilated indoor places appear to be among the areas most conducive for transmission of the deadly contagion. This is why grocery stores have become such a focus on the safety of both staff and shoppers alike. to keep yourself informed, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest grocery store news.

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