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ICEE Released a New Jet Black Drink, and You'll Never Guess the Flavor

You can thank The Addams Family movie for this special release.

To celebrate the release of The Addams Family movie coming out on October 11th, AMC is now selling the most appropriate drink to sip in the theater: A jet black ICEE! Though the color of this promotional drink was fairly predictable for the movie, the flavor was definitely not. This ICEE is actually black cherry flavor, which we definitely didn't see coming. When we first saw the drink, we figured that it would probably be black licorice-flavored, but this spooky looking ICEE gave us quite a shock!

addams family icee
Courtesy of AMCCourtesy of AMC

The animated movie has an all-star cast featuring Charlize Theron as Morticia, Chloe Grace Moretz as Wednesday, and Oscar Isaac as Gomez. Now with this new ICEE flavor, this whole AMC experience will have viewers running to the movie theater. Between a bucket of buttery popcorn and a Spooky Black Cherry ICEE, you're bound to have a grand time at the AMC theater this fall.

They are available now in AMC theaters in anticipation of the film, but get them while you can—they won't be there for long. The Adams Family will be showing in theaters starting Oct. 11, but AMC already started to sell their new spooky flavor in theaters. So if you want to give this ICEE a try, get them while supplies last. The large Spooky Black Cherry ICEE is being sold for $6.29 and the medium is $5.79. They're only being sold at select AMC theaters playing the animated The Addams Family movie, though, so make sure to double-check the AMC list before heading out to give the ICEE a try.

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This is not the first time ICEE has diverged from their usual 19 flavors. Earlier this spring, Target partnered with ICEE to release a Mermaid ICEE that had a mixed berry flavor, created through mixing three of their original flavors: blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry.

Grab your Halloween movie-loving friends and head over to AMC for a spooky night with an icy cold treat. And if you need extra snack ideas for the movie, here are 50 healthy snacks for you to try.

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