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Starbucks Just Suspended One of Its Biggest Customer Perks

The company says it will reassess its safety next year.

Year-round, Starbucks Happy Hours offer a chance for customers to get two drinks for the price of one. But the deal is especially sweet around the holidays when some of the cafe's signature flavored lattes, frappuccinos, and iced coffees become part of the BOGO deal. Unfortunately, the pandemic is throwing a damper on this year's Happy Hour and the chain is canceling the initiative.

Scheduled for Dec. 17 and Jan. 7, the Happy Hour events will no longer take place because of concerns about overcrowding, Starbucks confirmed to Eat This, Not That!. While the deal was originally designed to increase foot traffic during off-peak hours, this holiday season crowds are something to be avoided as they increase the chances of coronavirus infections. (Related: The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.)

"From the beginning, we have used three simple principles to guide our decisions through COVID-19—prioritizing the health and well-being of our partners (employees) and customers," a spokesperson for the company says. "Given the rise in cases and the current guidance from the scientific community to not gather indoors in large groups for prolonged periods of time, we decided to pause Happy Hours in December and January. We are temporarily moving to other promotions such as Double Star Days and will reassess future plans as we continue to monitor the situation."

The news was first shared through an internal memo to employees which was also posted inside Starbucks locations and reported by Reuters. The first Happy Hour of the season had been scheduled at the start of December but was canceled two days before on Dec. 1.

The cancelation may be a blessing in disguise for your blood sugar, though. Starbucks eggnog and the peppermint mocha latte are both on our list of the 10 Unhealthiest Holiday Drinks, According to a Dietitian. For more on how to eat better this season, here are 25 Healthy Food Swaps for the Holidays.

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Amanda McDonald
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