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It's Permanently Legal to Get Booze to Go in These States

Some places are keeping this pandemic change permanently.

You've probably noticed that your favorite restaurant started serving alcohol to-go during the pandemic. States relaxed restrictions once stay-at-home orders went into effect to generate more income for restaurants and bars without the option to eat in.

Well, after a few months, some states are making the change permanent. Yep, if you live in Iowa or Michigan, you won't need to learn how to make a cocktail at home, you can just get one to-go or delivered for years to come!

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Michigan's governor signed the exception into effect until at least December 31, 2025, and restaurants are pretty excited. The president and CEO of the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association told Nation's Restaurant News that it will ultimately help businesses deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. "The passage of HB 5811 is a recognition by Michigan's elected leadership that restaurants and bars need help immediately to endure during uncertain times," he said. "The expansive five-year sunset is their recognition of the changing environment in which restaurants operate and a commitment to help the industry meet demand where it is increasing — at home." A bill introduced last month passed in the Iowa state legislature easily and is in effect now.

The move could help since the lingering effects of the pandemic on the economy aren't known. Several other states are considering making alcohol to-go permanent. They include Florida, Ohio Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington D.C. Florida recently shut down bars again after cases in the state rose significantly.

In total, there are over 30 states that allow restaurants to sell alcohol to-go while dining in is limited. But expect drinking at your favorite restaurant to change once they are fully open. The pandemic has shaped safety measures, so you may never get a printed cocktail menu. You probably won't get any refills in the same glass, either. Here are some other ways You'll Never Drink Alcohol at Restaurants the Same Way Again

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