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Steak-umm's Twitter Account Has Become an Unlikely Voice of Reason

The frozen meat's social media presence is raising money and awareness to fight COVID-19.
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As if we needed any more evidence of what a strange time in which we find ourselves, now there is this. The twitter account for frozen meat product Steak-umm has become a popular and respected voice on media literacy and critical thinking amid the fog of misinformation that has come with the coronavirus pandemic

That's right, Steak-umms is dropping truth bombs on Twitter and getting praise, and followers, along the way. Take for example the following tweet from early April, which is currently pinned to the top of Steak-umm Twitter feed:

Among the many challenges that have come with the coronavirus outbreak is the near-constant flow of information of varying reliability. This is due to a contagion and pandemic the likes of which we've never before seen. It's a very fluid story that medical and public health experts are learning about in real-time, and it is in this context that the Steak-umm twitter account is most appreciated.

Steak-umm's commentary is apolitical. Like most branded marketing efforts, there is nary mention of partisan issues. Instead, the focus is on dismissing charlatans peddling dangerous "miracle cures." To wit:

The Washington Post looked into who is behind the frozen meat twitter feed:

The answer lies with Allebach Communications, the food and beverage marketing firm based in Souderton, Pa., that took over the Steak-umm account about five years ago. The sliced-beef company, founded in 1975, wanted to reach a younger audience.

The feed's main writer is social media manager Nathan Allebach, the 28-year-old son of the firm's owners. "The voice is based on a combination of brand features," he said via email, "like it being a family-owned frozen meat company built by the working class, then me trying to personify it based on those features, my own thoughts, and an adaptable human-esque style that feels like someone you know."

Steak-umm twitter's unique point of view has led to a sharp spike in interest in the frozen meat brand. And to that end, Steak-umm has used their newly found fame to raise money for those who need "support and emotional comfort" during these trying times by raising $40,000 dollars for foodbank Feeding America.

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Steak-umm twitter may not be the hero we deserve right now, but its the hero we have.

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