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Photos: Everyone Is Stockpiling Food, and It's Getting Out of Control

Twitter users are showing off scary-empty shelves and urging everyone to reconsider.

It's a scary time right now with COVID-19 cases running rampant across the world and everyone is stockpiling food.

Currently, there are over 139,000 people who have tested positive for having the strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19. And while over 70,000 of those people recovered, health professionals predict the disease will continue to spread and cause further damage, especially for those who fall under the high risk category.

People all over the world are responding by stockpiling food to keep in their homes, virtually wiping stores clean of food products and other essential items, like toilet paper.

Here's where the problem arises. Many people's fridges are starting to look like this:

stocked freezer
Courtesy of Reddit

Obviously, this presents an issue for those who already have limited access to food, either because they live in a food desert, don't have a car or other mode of transportation, are disabled and need someone to shop for them, or other reasons. Until stores can re-stock, the people who need food the most may now be at a severe disadvantage.

From the looks of stores' empty shelves, you would think the world was preparing for an apocalypse.

Some Twitter users are urging people to stop stockpiling out of courtesy for those who really need it. The older population is at much higher risk of not recovering from coronavirus, therefore, they're the ones who need to stockpile. But, what happens when there is nothing left for them to stockpile?

Another example? This Twitter user is trying to encourage others to be considerate of those who cannot afford to purchase brands that are more expensive, which appear to be some of the only ones left on the shelves.

Amid all of this chaos, it's nice to see some people making light of the situation.

Hopefully, this sheds some light on how we can all be doing our part to avoid hoarding and only get what we truly need from the grocery store. To make sure your list only has the essentials, consider these 15 packaged foods that you'll need to get through these tough times.

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