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The Drink That Stops Pain Fast

Soothe yourself with one sip!
The Drink That Stops Pain Fast

For years, well-seasoned athletes and even the couch potatoes who lay down for too long, are plagued with muscle cramps or even worse— charlie horses.

But what if we told you that it’s not actually the muscle that is causing the so called, “cramping.” Even better, what if we told you there is a drink out there that prevents this pain from occurring?

Whether you are the devoted athlete or someone who’s just trying to lose 10 pounds, everyone has experienced a muscle twinge at some point that’s so intense it rallies an absurb crying fit. Thankfully, Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist and endurance athlete, Rod MacKinnon, has created a formula to cease the onset of muscle cramping. But as we mentioned above, it’s not the actual muscle that’s causing the cramp. It’s the nerve!

For years, health experts and sports medicine doctors have been preaching that muscle cramps were caused by dehydration or a lack of vital electrolytes, the most common being potassium. After a decade’s worth of research, MacKinnon has discovered that the origin of the cramp derives from the nerve itself, so he concocted the perfect, spicy formula to wipe those pangs out.
HOTSHOT is a 1.7 ounce potion that consists of just three ingredients: Ginger, cinnamon, and capsicum (spicy pepper plants). It’s best to drink before exercise so that you can prevent the motor neurons in your spinal cord from going haywire.

So just how effective is it? Members at Men’s Fitness, magazine gave it a whirl and while it did not work 100 percent of the time, both testers experienced a jolt of energy, which was a nice side effect/bonus! Ultimately, they concluded that the remedy works best for endurance-like activities where the sport is absolutely dependent on the functionality of your muscles, such as a marathon or triathalon.

Ditch your overnight oats recipe for this drink, and kickstart your morning with some heat!

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