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Taco Bell Is Testing an Extra Cheesy Grilled Cheese Burrito

It's loaded with cheese, cheese, and more cheese.

Taco Bell's new Grilled Cheese Burrito was first spotted in all its cheese-coated glory by eagle-eyed users on Reddit, and it has subsequently been confirmed by People magazine.

What makes this burrito different from other menu items is that there's cheese on the inside and outside for double the cheesy goodness. It's essentially a fairly standard Taco Bell burrito, but with a thick layer of fried cheese baked around the outside of the tortilla. Inside, you have even more cheese. The fast-food chain fills its new creation with a melted three-cheese blend, seasoned beef, seasoned rice, tortilla strips, chipotle sauce, and sour cream.

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The Grilled Cheese Burrito is currently selling for $2.99, but, sadly, according to a Thrillist report, for now, you can only get it in storefronts in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, region. However, if Taco Bell's track record is any indication, this burrito could very well find a home on the nationwide menu. Earlier this year, they replaced nine staple offerings with a slew of new options, including the highly acclaimed Toasted Cheddar Chalupa. The fast-food chain is no stranger to mixing up its menu (we miss the Chili Cheese Burrito so much we made our own version), so there could be a chance this cheesy wonder gets a nationwide release.

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The fast-food spot is currently experimenting with a few other new concoctions as well. Shredded Chicken Tacos are currently being tested in Phoenix, Arizona—where they go for just one dollar apiece! And in order to compete in the highly competitive fast-food chicken space, the chain is also selling Crispy Tortilla Chicken strips in Houston, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. The chicken strips will be making their nationwide debut in 2020, so you'll be able to taste them yourself soon.

Though the Grilled Cheese Burrito is not guaranteed to make the menu in 2020, we have a good feeling this cheesy delight is going to be more than just a flash in the pan. And for a deeper look into everyone's favorite fast-food chain, You'll Never Guess What Taco Bell Uses to Season Its Beef.

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