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Taco Bell Has an Online Holiday Shop With Pajamas, Onesies, and More

They're the latest chain to open up an online store for the holidays.
Taco bell drive through sign

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'Tis the season…of branded shopping! Earlier this year, Red Lobster opened up a clothing and accessories shop. Dunkin' Donuts started selling candles. Denny's announced that, come December, they'll be handing out pancake-themed socks. McDonald's, not to be left behind, went all in and launched Smilemakers, a merchandising store that sells everything from hoodies and ties to totes and notebooks.

Well, as of yesterday, yet another beloved fast-food chain entered the fray: Taco Bell.

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Yes, Taco Bell, the home of such creative gastronomic inventions like the Cheeto Burrito, the waffle taco, and the grilled cheese burrito, is now selling burrito-branded pajamas.

taco bell joggers

$45 at Taco Shop
Buy Now

But wait, there's more! You can also score cozy cotton hoodies. We're partial to the psychedelically colored one, which sells for $45. It's worth ditching your Greek letter pullover for:

taco bell hoodie

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$45 at Taco Shop
Buy Now

And if you're heading somewhere warm this winter for vacation, you may want to take a look at their spicy swimsuits—which, for women, are labeled as the punny "Taco Belle":

taco bell bikini top

$88 (top) at Taco Shop
Buy Now

There's no shortage of tees, tanks, and accessories. But, if you really want to be bold, you can dial things up by dressing up as a literal hot sauce packet. You could also save this spicy item for Halloween next year:

taco bell hot sauce packet

$40 at Taco Shop
Buy Now

Or, for $80, you can get the cream of the entire crop: the hot sauce packet onesie. According to Adweek, when Taco Bell ran the Taco Shop last year, these hot-as-a-jalapeño PJs sold out in a mere number of days. This year, things are shaping up similarly; just one version—the bright orange "mild sauce" one—is still available for purchase (sorry, Hot and Fire sauce lovers—your onesies are already sold out):

taco bell hot sauce onesie

$80 at Taco Shop
Buy Now

Finally, there's a wedding section. (Yes, really.) There, you'll find wares like Taco Bell-branded champagne flutes, matching "Mr." and "Mrs." tops, and more.

And if you can't get your hands on some Taco Bell gear, you can at least cook up this Copycat Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito Recipe from the comfort of your home—whether you're in a comfy hot sauce onesie or just some good ole flannel PJs.

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