Task Force Warns of "More Aggressive" COVID

They are calling for "aggressive mitigation."

If You Went Here Recently, Consider Yourself "Dangerous to Others"

Post-Thanksgiving cases could put hospitals over the edge, task force warns.

Dr. Fauci Says if You Did This, "Assume You Are Infected"

"If you've traveled, you've been at an airport...you've been in a congregate setting…"

The CDC Just Changed This Major COVID Rule For Everyone

The recommendation was 14 days; now it's 7 to 10, depending on testing.

Task Force Warns People to Stop Going Here Immediately

COVID risk is at a "historic high" they reveal.

Dr. Fauci Just Warned This Will "Put You in Danger"

"Please don't do something that in fact would put you or your family in danger," he begs.

Task Force: "Every American Needs to Be Vigilant in This Moment"

"We can mitigate this virus and stop it" but only if you agree to follow the fundamentals.

Task Force Warns of Record COVID "Spread" in These States

The White House coronavirus task force is alarmed over "significant deterioration."

This One Thing Can Help Stop COVID, Says Joe Biden

It's simple: wear a mask, he implored in a new speech.

10 Ways Biden Plans to Fight COVID

President Elect Joe Biden has already revealed his plan to conquer coronavirus