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3 Ways Tamera Mowry-Housley Is Dropping the Baby Weight

Whether you're trying to shed the baby weight, or just want to lose lose 10 pounds, Tamera's lean body tips can help you see results—fast!

It's one of the most glorified forms of weight loss, largely because some new moms struggle and others triumph—and Tamera Mowry-Housely is doing both. She's embracing the struggle of postpartum weight loss, celebrating her weight loss wins, blogging about life as a mother of two, and redefining what it means to lose weight like a celebrity.

Most people remember Tamera from the ABC/WB sitcom Sister, Sister, in which she co-starred with her twin, Tia Mowry. But now, the baby-faced star is all grown up and has two little ones, the second of which was born this past August. After giving birth to her baby girl, Tamera found herself 60 pounds heavier and in need of some major lifestyle changes. Here, we share her three get-healthy secrets that are helping her get back into shape.

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Swap—Don't Skip

Instead of depriving herself of the foods and flavors she enjoys, Tamera looks for ways to make them weight loss-friendly. She often subs in spaghetti squash for pasta (which she likes to bake with olive oil, salt, and pepper), and opts for cauliflower crust pizza rather than the high-carb classic alternative. She also turns to classic tomato sauce in lieu of cream-based options. "I'll buy Ragu's Homestyle sauces since they don't have artificial colors or flavors, nor high-fructose corn syrup," the 37-year old says.

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Make Exercise Fun

Though Tamera believes that weight loss is "80 percent what you eat, and 20 percent being active," she still makes time to hit the gym four times per week. Her go-to workout is spinning, but she recognizes the benefits of yoga, pilates, and even dance. And she also devotes two days per week to interval training, which is a great way to build lean muscle and boost your metabolism.

Hold Yourself Accountable

While Tamera's exercise and diet plans are certainly helping her get her pre-baby body back, it's really her blog, "Mommy Makeover Journey," that's helping her stay on track with her goals. The blog portrays an unfiltered view of postpartum life. She doesn't sugarcoat the challenges that come with motherhood like exhaustion and self-consciousness; instead, she celebrates them and talks about how these hurdles fuel her motivation. While helping her stay accountable to her weight loss plan, her blog inspires and challenges others to do the same. "It really is worth it in the end," says Tamera of her efforts—and we have to agree. There's no denying this fit mama is slowly but surely reclaiming her pre-baby body.

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