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Target Is Finally Rolling Out This Crucial Grocery Shopping Feature

The retail giant is getting with the coronavirus pandemic program.

Retail giant Target announced plans to finally make curbside pickup available for fresh and frozen grocery products amid ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the COVID-19 virus began to spread, numerous reports show that highly-trafficked and indoor environments with poor ventilation—not unlike grocery stores—are among the most dangerous places to contract it. Target joins a number of national chains to offer online ordering and curbside pickup for customers who prefer to avoid what can be a stressful environment. (Trader Joe's, however, remains a notable outlier in this trend.)

In an announcement released Wednesday, Target revealed plans to ramp up their order pickup and drive-up services to include fresh and frozen grocery items. "We'll start by adding the expanded assortment to those services at stores in the Midwest, following successful pilots in the Twin Cities and Kansas City markets, making the enhanced services available in over 400 stores by the end of the month," the company announced. Adding, "We'll reach more than 1,500 stores in time for the holidays."

The national retailer had plans to offer curbside pickup in the past few months, but halted those plans, ironically, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Target reportedly claimed that it didn't have resources to train employees on curbside pickup prices, but now those plans are back on.

"The speed and convenience of our fulfillment options are unmatched across the country, and they've become even more critical for our guests searching for easy and safe ways to shop during the pandemic. By adding fresh grocery to the pickup services our guests already love, we're giving them even more reasons to shop at Target," said Target CEO John Mulligan. "During a time when even more people are looking for different ways to get the items they need, we'll continue to invest in making Target the easiest and safest place to shop."

Target's pickup services will offer 750 fresh and frozen items on top of the thousands of non-perishables already available, which include produce, dairy, bakery, meat, and frozen products. Shoppers can also arrange to pick up more than 250,000 available items across categories like home, apparel, and essentials. A company spokesperson told TechCrunch that the decision to limit fresh and frozen product selection to 750 items was related to how the service was used in early tests. For more, sign up for newsletter to keep yourself informed on the latest grocery shopping news.