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The Top Swap at Krispy Kreme

In some parts of the U.S., Krispy Kreme has expanded its food menu beyond doughnuts. The bad news is that most of the new additions are primarily sugar calories—mostly bagels—the same type of nutrient-devoid, carb-heavy fare the bakery has always specialized in. The rule of thumb at Krispy Kreme is to avoid anything that's filled with custard, cream or whatever the berry flavoring is made from. A simple round doughnut is the closest you'll get to a square meal.

Eat This

Original Glazed Doughnut




11 g

Saturated fat

5 g


10 g

Not That!

Apple Fritter




20 g

Saturated fat

9 g


28 g

If you're coming to Krispy Kreme for health food, you're missing the point. But if you want a quick sugar fix without too much caloric damage, the simplest doughnuts are the best solution. Don't fritter your time away on that other meteorite-shaped lump of sugar and fat.

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