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These U.S Cities Eat the Most Fast Food

Did your hometown make the list? Read on to find out.

Not everyone eats fast or fast casual food, but the 16 to 64 year olds who do are downing the stuff about 15 times per month on average, according to consumer research firm Sandelman & Associates. That's roughly every other day! We wish we could say we're surprised, but fast-food joints have a ton of tricks up their sleeves—like using appetite-stimulating decor and addictive additives in their fare—to keep diners coming back for more. Even so, that sure seems like a lot of Whoppers and McFlurrys to eat in just four weeks!

Wondering how often the citizens of your city are eating fast food? Check out the official rankings below:

10. Charlotte, NC & Oklahoma City, OK

It's a tie for 10th place. Diners living in these cities ate at fast and fast casual restaurants 16.2 times per month.

8. Los Angeles, CA & Macon, GA

Another tie! Those living in these areas eat at these joints 16.3 times per month.

6. Washington, D.C., & Atlanta, GA

Sheesh, yet another tie! Locals living in these cities down the greasy fare 16.4 times per month.

5. San Francisco, CA

San Franciscans eat the stuff 16.7 times per month on average.

4. Dallas, TX

Everything is bigger in Texas–including the citizens' appetite for fast food. Those residing in Dallas eat the stuff 16.8 times per month.

3. Greensboro, NC

This is the second city in North Carolina to make the list. Greensboro dwellers eat at fast and fast casual restaurants 17 times per month.

2. Houston, TX

Coming in at number two is yet another city in the Lone Star State. Those living in Houston consume fast and fast casual food 17.9 times per month

1. Miami, FL

Wow, Miami dwellers consume fast food a whopping 19 times a month! Miami's weather calls for bathing suits year-round, so this one shocked even us.

Dana Leigh Smith
Dana has written for Women's Health, Prevention, Reader's Digest, and countless other publications. Read more about Dana Leigh