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Things You Shouldn't Do at the Grocery Store

Here are three things you should refrain from doing while at the grocery store to stay safe.

Despite restrictions lifting in major cities, the pandemic is far from over, meaning it's necessary to still take precautions while out in public spaces.

As your trips to the grocery store gradually become more frequent, it's imperative that you avoid doing things that could potentially put you at a higher risk of exposure to the coronavirus. Now, here are three simple things you should continue to avoid doing while perusing the aisles of the supermarket.


Don't Touch Your Face.

woman with protective mask reading label on the bottle while buying hand soap in the supermarket during virus epidemic

The worst thing you can do at the grocery store is touch your face. Dr. William Lang, Medical Director at private concierge medicine practice WorldClinic has told Eat This, Not That! that people, without thinking about it, "touch their face somewhere on the order of 30 times an hour without thinking about it."

The timing would have to be just right, but if you touched a contaminated surface and then proceeded to touch your eyes, mouth, or nose, it's possible that you could contract the coronavirus that way. To avoid this from happening, just refrain from touching your face at the grocery store.

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Don't walk into a store without a mask on.

22-year-old man with protective mask makes purchase in supermarket

Restrictions may have lifted in most cities, however, that doesn't mean you should stop taking the recommended safety precautions in the grocery store. Wearing a mask is a great way to ensure that you don't spread the coronavirus to other shoppers. It also may help in preventing you from contracting the virus, as well.


Don't touch products you're not going to buy.

African woman wearing disposable medical mask and gloves shopping in supermarket during coronavirus pandemia outbreak

Before the pandemic, you may have enjoyed picking up various boxed products from the store to examine them up close, however, during the pandemic, it's wise if you avoid doing that. Again, unless you have hand sanitizer on hand and are regularly applying it, you may accidentally touch your face and you might not even know it. Try and only pick up items you're going to buy, this way you limit the number of items other people have touched.

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