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This Instagram Trend Makes Your Meals Even Healthier

Instagram’s #PutAnEggOnIt isn’t just another cute foodie-porn hashtag or Portlandia reference: You can boost the fat-burning power of just about any dish by sliding an egg on top.
This Instagram Trend Makes Your Meals Even Healthier
Eat This!
This Instagram Trend Makes Your Meals Even Healthier
Instagram’s #PutAnEggOnIt isn’t just another cute foodie-porn hashtag or Portlandia reference: You can boost the fat-burning power of just about any dish by sliding an egg on top.

Eggs really live up to their “incredible, edible” claim; they’re the number one source of choline, a nutrient that actually turns off your fat genes. And just two eggs will give you half your daily value. But they can better your body in more than one way: Their high protein content (6 grams per) will help you build lean muscle, enabling your body to burn more fat while at rest. To make it easier to — and more delicious — to dish up eggs on the daily, get inspired by these healthy Instagrammers already jumping on the trend.

Avocado Toast With Olive Oil and Egg

A photo posted by Viranlly (@viranlly) on

This savory-looking toast topped with avocado spread, egg and olive oil combines three potent fat burners in one quick breakfast: The monounsaturated fats in avocado and olive oil and the choline in eggs.

Black Bean Tostada With Egg

A photo posted by R. Robin (@beckers210) on

This quick Mexican snack is a flat-belly dream, with black beans and eggs for satiating, muscle-building protein and none of the extra fillings and carby tortilla of a burrito.

Salad With Whitefish and Egg

A photo posted by Erin (@erinjbgood) on

Salad porn is apparently a thing, and it’s understandable when they look this good. We can’t get enough of this well-balanced combo: Quinoa and spinach provide slow-digesting fiber, and the protein in the egg and whitefish makes this a substantial lunch.

Kale Salad With Avocado and Egg

A photo posted by LA Eats NYC (@laeatsnyc) on

This breakfast-for-lunch freshens up the kale salad by sauteeing the nutrient-packed green, topping it with two poached eggs and adding inflammation-reducing, munchie-squashing avocado. Follow this IGer’s lead if you do most of your snacking mid-afternoon; a study showed that people who ate half an avocado for lunch reported a 40% reduction in hunger for hours afterward!

Burger Salad With Egg

A photo posted by Nyssa Tanner (@nyssas_kitchen) on

A burger topped with egg never looked healthier: By leaving out half the bun and placing the main ingredients on a bed of greens, this salad slashes calories without sacrificing flavor.

Summer Vegetable Salad

This chunky veggie salad is packed with protein and fiber. Radishes are a stellar flat-belly food: Half a cup packs a gram of fiber and 14% of your RDA of vitamin C into a paltry nine calories. And don’t underestimate C’s effect when you want to look slim: This powerful antioxidant quells inflammation throughout the body.

Quinoa/Spinach Salad With Egg

A photo posted by darasutin (@darasutin) on

Super-simple to make, this spinach salad helps build lean muscle thanks to the leafy green’s high level of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and folate. Even better: the whole grains in quinoa have demonstrated weight-loss benefits. Top your own version with this Zero Belly Vinaigrette for added belly-burning power.

Spinach/Sriracha/Egg Pizza

When can pizza be fat-burning? When the crust is minimalist, and it’s topped with filling spinach, a choline-rich egg and spicy Sriracha. The chili-pepper base has demonstrated fat-burning benefits — for minimal calories.

Soy Chorizo, Avocado and Egg Breakfast

A photo posted by Oliver Baik (@showmeyoureggs) on

This delicious-looking Mexican breakfast reunites those fat-blasting Wonder Twins — Sriracha and egg. And they bring their fat-blasting posse: olive oil, which boasts healthy fats, and extra protein in the form of soy chorizo, which comes with a fraction of the fat and calories of swine-based sausage.

Kale & Strawberry Salad With Avocado and Poached Egg

Savory kale and poached eggs get a pop of summery sweetness — and belly-fat-melting power — from strawberries. Strawberries are one of the very best fruits for weight loss: Their abundant polyphenols spot-reduce visceral fat and can even prevent it from forming!

Brussels Sprouts With Egg

Roasted brussels sprouts can be just as tasty as French fries, with a mere sliver of the fat and calories. (We’ve been known to eat a plateful of ‘em as an entree, so we love the idea of adding an egg for satiating protein.) The baby cabbages are packed with vitamin C, which German researchers found keeps you slim by reducing the body’s level of the fat-producing hormone cortisol.

Oatmeal with Three Beans and Poached Egg

A photo posted by pique cooking (@piquecooking) on

Oatmeal for lunch or dinner? Absolutely. This recipe turns the whole grain into a delectable-looking stew, with three varieties of fiber-packed beans and Hen of the Woods mushrooms. One cup of the latter provides three times your daily value of vitamin D, which spurs muscle-building and increased strength.

Picnic Cobb Salad

A photo posted by dr deb (@dr.debs.pots) on

This family-sized salad is a hearty-looking entree, with organic chicken and quail eggs for protein, tomatoes for cancer-preventing lycopene and avocado for good fats. To get the most skin-protecting lycopene from your salad, swap in cherry tomatoes for regular; the little ones have the highest concentration of this powerful antioxidant of any tomato variety.

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