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This Is the Best Time to Go to Starbucks

If waiting in a really long line for your morning latte has made you late for work more times than you'd like to admit, you're in luck! Google's new search feature can ensure it will never happen again.

The search-engine-giant's new feature allows you to view peak traffic by hour so you can gauge the best time to hit up your favorite businesses (like your local gym and grocery store) and restaurants like Starbucks and Chipotle. The feature, which was created by mining user data, is a game changer for the time strapped and those who get agitated waiting in long lines.

A search for the Starbucks in Summit, New Jersey, for example, reveals that on Wednesdays, the company's traffic peaks around 10 a.m. Those who want to beat the line are better off swinging by closer to 9 a.m. To access this handy information, simply search "Starbucks," click on the location you frequent and voila—the information automatically populates! Check it out:

starbucks google search

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Dana Leigh Smith
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