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This Is the State With the Most Costco Warehouses — And More Are Coming

The third-largest state by area is also the state with most Costco stores.

After a year of huge profits, Costco is expanding the number of its warehouses in its portfolio not only in the U.S. but also across the globe. New locations are coming to Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and even Australia and Japan.

Some of these states, like Arkansas, have one Costco, while others, like Florida and Texas, have dozens of locations. But another state outpaces all of the rest by about 100 warehouses—and a few new ones are being built as we speak.

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There are 131 places where you can use your Costco membership in the Golden State.

California Costco

As the third-largest state by area, California has more than 163,000 square miles of land—and that means there's ample space for Costco warehouses to find a home. In total, the Golden State has just under 100 more warehouses than the state with the second most warehouses. Texas has 33 locations, while Washington is right behind with 32. Florida and Illinois round out the top five with 28 and 22 stores, respectively.

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New locations are coming to California. Where exactly will they be?


New stores are being planned to add to the 131 warehouses already in California. Costco hopes to open a 169,000-square-foot warehouse with nearly 1,000 parking spots, a tire center, a gas station, and a drive-thru car wash in northwest Fresno, according to The Fresno Bee.

Other stores are being planned for Murrieta, which is located south of Los Angeles, and Newark, which is situated in the Bay Area. The latter warehouse is going to be about 162,000-square-feet.

Unfortunately, there's no official information yet about opening dates.

Costco aisle
Steve Russell/Toronto Star/ Getty Images

None of these three stores are listed yet on the "New Locations Coming Soon" portion of Costco's website. At this time, there isn't official information about opening day plans.

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Here's what you will be able to purchase once the new stores open.

Costco bakery

When it comes to inventory, the warehouse chain has been making big moves. Several of the most popular summertime treats are available in the bakery section, including key lime pies, pound cakes, and s'more cookies.

In addition to discontinuing a beloved variety of peanut butter until the end of the year, Costco is also being impacted by possible shortages of bottled water and its popular frozen chicken nuggets that taste exactly like Chick-fil-A. Read more about those storylines here, here, and here.

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