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Trader Joe's is Cheating on Its Own Brand By Selling These Items In-Store Now

Yep, TJ's is now selling hotel-style toilet paper during the pandemic.

If there's one thing people love (or hate) about Trader Joe's, it's the fact that almost all of its products are sold under its house label. It's a major reason the chain is able to keep its prices low: All of the items are technically generic, but fans will argue that TJ's is a brand in itself.

During the coronavirus, though, the retailer has started selling products that aren't made by its house label. TJ's normally sells things like tuna and pickles under its own brand label—but whether due to supply shortages or other issues, more brand-name items have been hitting store shelves this week. Here are a few non-TJs brand items that have appeared in New York stores and beyond.


Toilet Paper

Toilet paper in carton craft box in plastic free store

Social media users across the country have shared that Trader Joe's is now selling individually wrapped rolls of Guest Select toilet paper—the kind you'd expect to find at a hotel—for 69 cents a roll.

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Canned Salmon

canned salmon with can opener

Cans of Bumble Bee pink salmon have shown up at Trader Joe's in New York, though the brand has previously sold its own house brand of canned salmon.

But whatever brand you get it from, canned salmon is a healthy, shelf-stable choice. Here are 9 Things You Can Make With a Can of Salmon.



bread and butter pickles in jar
Ivana Lalicki/Shutterstock

If Trader Joe's is your favorite place to get delicious bread and butter pickles, you might be disappointed. Jars of Mt. Olive's Simply Pickles have been seen at Trader Joe's in New York, and they just aren't the same.

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variety of pasta

If you're used to seeing the classic blue and clear bags of Trader Joe's penne rigate at your local store, you may be surprised to see a different pasta brand on shelves. Garofalo penne rigate, penne ziti, and casarecce have shown up in New York, and they could be on the way to your local TJ's, too.

Have you spotted brand-name items at your local TJ's that weren't there before? Let us know at [email protected]

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