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These 24 States Have Uncontrolled Coronavirus Outbreaks, Study Says

As cities reopen, the virus runs free in these particular regions.
Young couple wearing face masks walk together on famous Venice Beach boardwalk

A shocking new report estimates that 24 states have an uncontrolled COVID-19 spread, right as the country considers reopening. "While we are confident that some states have controlled transmission, we are similarly confident that many states have not," the researchers, from Imperial College of London, wrote. They based their data on the number of people that might get infected by a single patient who has coronavirus. "Most states in the Midwest and the South have rates of transmission that suggest the epidemic is not yet under control." (They note that their study has not yet been peer-reviewed.) Here are the 24 states that still haven't contained their coronavirus outbreaks, according to researchers.



Texas face mask

As hundreds of people recently gathered at the state's capital to protest, calling for restrictions to be lifted, some models are predicting that Texas will see cases surge as soon as next month. For example, Harris County, which includes Houston, could see 2,000+ cases every day come this June. "We're not equipped to handle that type of surge," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said, according to KSAT. The state has 54,509 confirmed cases and 1,506 deaths as of May 25th. Texas is at the top of the study's list of those at "highest risk."



Phoenix, Ariz. / US - May 3, 2020: Wearing masks, State Capitol Police monitor Trump supporters rallying to "reopen" the economy from covid-19 safety restrictions.

Arizona is lifting restrictions, which has some doctors worried, given that the state has 16,339 confirmed cases and 800 deaths, as of May 25th. "My concern is that people might think that because the state is opening, that the virus has gone away. The virus is still here," Dr. Marjorie Bessel, the chief clinical officer for Banner Health, the state's largest health system, told AZ Central. "We have more than 400 people hospitalized right now in our system who are either COVID positive or under suspicion. We have 100 people on ventilators in that same category….The threat of the pandemic will not substantially go away for some time."



Merchandise Mart Lights Up for Coronavirus during COVID-19 Pandemic

The state is taking measures to reopen responsibly, despite the outbreak, and 108,000 confirmed cases and 4,790 deaths as of May 25th. In Chicago, reports the Chicago Tribune: "In the next phase of reopening, retailers can allow customers at 50% of their normal capacity or five customers per 1,000 feet of retail space, and 'service counter' businesses … can operate with signage displayed at the entrance notifying customers of social distancing and facial covering requirements and cleaning procedures."



National Park Visitor with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

No date for reopening has been given, but the government is considering a plan for restaurants to reopen, despite having 23,964 confirmed cases and 1,327 deaths as of May 25th: "No more than 50 people, or half of normal maximum occupancy, would be allowed to dine at restaurants that adhere to the guidelines and restrictions. Food pickup and delivery still would be encouraged."



Bronze sculpture Old Man and His Dog by Glenna Goodacre seen here in Lincoln Park with PPE masks during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of mandate of social responsibility

Deaths recently doubled in a 24 hour period. At the time of publication, "that brings the state's novel coronavirus death toll to 1,956, with 200 of those listed as 'probable' rather than confirmed. Of the newly recorded 84 deaths, 19 are listed as 'probable,'" reports The state has 31,408 confirmed cases as of May 25th.



Liberate Minnesota Demonstration Outside Minnesota State Capitol

"As crowds lined up for a second day of free COVID-19 testing at six National Guard armories around Minnesota on Sunday, the state saw its number of confirmed cases climb past 20,000," reported MPR News on May 24th. "The death toll now stands at 869." And confirmed cases are 19,845 as of May 25th.



Indiana state Covid-19 Quarantine

"The Indiana Department of Health reports 487 new positive cases of COVID-19 and 12 additional deaths Sunday," reported WPTA21. "Indiana's total positive cases increased to 31,376 and the death toll increased to 1,824. Those new positive cases and deaths were recorded between May 19 and May 23."




"Sunday's numbers bring the statewide total to 17,213 positive COVID-19 cases and 450 deaths," reported KCCI on May 24.



"At a Thursday press conference, Steven Reed, the mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, said his city's hospitals have run out of beds in their Intensive Care Units, where coronavirus patients are normally treated," reported Newsweek. "The lack of beds is partly caused by patients driving in from rural areas that lack hospitals." As of May 25th, the state has 14,152 confirmed cases and 551 deaths.



The Oshkosh Public Library's infamous lions wear face masks as a way to remind its visitors to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic

The state has 14,877 confirmed cases and 507 deaths, as of May 25th. The percent of positive cases follows an up and down trend.



"As state leaders continue to relax statewide safety measures and businesses reopen, Mississippi reported its highest ever weekly count of COVID-19 cases," reports Mississippi Today. "The startling weekly statistics come days after Gov. Tate Reeves announced additional safety restrictions would be relaxed." The state has 13,005 confirmed cases and 616 deaths.



Neon signs at night along Broadway Street in Nashville, Tennessee

"A month after Tennessee began to reboot its economy after shutdowns intended to thwart the spread of coronavirus, most of the state's 95 counties are not seeing noteworthy growth of the virus. But there are exceptions," reports the Independent Herald. "Putnam County, Rhea County, Hamilton County and Loudon County are among those exceptions in the eastern half of the state—with Cumberland County earning a dubious honorable mention." The state has 19,789 confirmed cases and 329 deaths as of May 25th.



Peoples in medical hand made face mask during coronavirus decease

The state has 50,127 confirmed cases and 2,233 deaths as of May 25th. "Here in Miami-Dade, they've been doing some studies of the saltwater on the beaches to make sure they're not contaminated," said Dr. Aileen Marty, an infectious disease expert at Florida International University, told Tampa Bay 10. "Our wastewater is chock-full of the virus."



Trader Joe's grocery store sign for senior disabled customers special morning hours, people limit and grocery bagging paper bag restriction at covid-19 coronavirus

Those flocking to Virginia beaches over Memorial Day weekend unnerved authorities. The state has 36,244 confirmed cases and 1,171 deaths as of May 25th, with the most cases and deaths in Fairfax County.


New Mexico

New Mexico Flag. Coronavirus

The state has 6,785 confirmed cases and 308 deaths as of May 25th. Reports KQRE: "We're monitoring closely the spread of COVID all across the state, and we're seeing an alarming increase in the number of cases in the southern part of the state, particularly along the Texas, New Mexico border," said Dr. David Scrase, Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department.



st. louis, Missouri


The state made the national news this week: The Hill reported a second Missouri hairstylist may have exposed 56 clients to COVID-19, according to officials. The state has 11,752 confirmed cases and 676 deaths as of May 25th.



The beach goers on the first day Lewes beach opened from the Covid-19 / Coronavirus shut down.

There may be a bright side here: "On this 62nd day of Delaware's stay-at-home order, the state continues to see progress in the fight against COVID-19," reports WDEL. "Based on 1,336 new test results, the Delaware Division of Public Health reported Sunday that the number of recovered patients increased by 144 from the day before to 4598." The state has a total of 8,690 confirmed cases and 324 deaths as of May 25th.


South Carolina

Statue with balance scale at riverfront park Columbia South Carolina

The state has 9,895 confirmed cases and 425 deaths as of May 25th. "Richland and Greenville counties continue to be hot spots for infections," reports The State.



The famous "Make Way for Ducklings" statues at the Public Garden carry a message of hope amidst the coronavirus crisis.

The Imperial College researchers found that 13% of the state's residents have been infected. The state has 91,662 confirmed cases and 6,304 deaths, as of May 25th.


North Carolina

A group of African American ladies wearing protective face masks exit a Wal-Mart amid the COVID-19 epidemic

The state reported its highest one-day spike of cases over Memorial Day weekend. It has 22,725 confirmed cases and 737 deaths, as of May 25th.



Man wears face mask to protect from coronavirus infection while riding bike on famous Venice Beach boardwalk

Coronavirus cases have been linked to church services, food plants and up and down the state. The state has 90,631 confirmed cases and 3,708 deaths as of May 25th.



Older man wearing a KN 95 mask on his face stands in front of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia

The statewide shutdown is expected to end on June 5th. Meanwhile: The state has 66,983 coronavirus cases and 5,096 deaths, as of May 25th.



Gentilly Gate of the Fairgrounds Race Track with Masked Lawn Jockey during Corona Virus Lockdown

The state has 37,040 confirmed cases and 2,560 deaths, as of May 25th. The good news is hospitalizations are decreasing. "The number of reported hospitalizations related to the disease caused by the new coronavirus continues to drop in Louisiana, according to figures posted by the state health department Sunday," reports the AP.



Baltimore Coronavirus Covid-19 Quarantine

Baltimore is leading the region in positive test rates. The state has 45,495 confirmed cases and 2,130 deaths, as of May 25th.


So What Can You Do to Stop the Spread?

Basic protective measures against new coronavirus. Wash hands, use medical mask and gloves. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Maintain social distancing. Wash your hands frequently

"Without changes in behavior that result in reduced transmission, or interventions such as increased testing that limit transmission, new infections of COVID-19 are likely to persist, and, in the majority of states, grow," say the study's authors. Even if your state reopens, continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds at a time and wear a face mask.

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