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7 Vanishing Foods You Might Not See at Thanksgiving

Stock up on pumpkin pie spice now!
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It's an understatement to say that Thanksgiving will look a lot different this year. From travel restrictions to physical distancing rules, large family gatherings are pretty much out of the question, thanks to the coronavirus. But if you're still hosting a small get-together with local relatives or a quarantine pod, you might have trouble finding a few key items.

With so many people cooking at home during the pandemic, there have been shortages of things like flour and frozen meals over the course of this year. Fortunately, you should be able to find most of the foods on your Thanksgiving list fairly easily at your local grocery store. Still, here are a few foods to be aware of that have been subject to recent recalls, increased demand, or discontinuations.

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Pumpkin Pie Spice

mccormick spices

Back in October, McCormick saw an increase in demand for spices and condiments, with predictions that some grocery stores could sell out of common spices during the holiday season. And some Trader Joe's locations have already sold out of pumpkin pie spice, in particular. If you're planning on baking pies for Thanksgiving, stock up on this spice now!

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Romaine lettuce

Remember 2018, when it seemed like romaine was getting recalled pretty much all the time? The lettuce was back in the headlines this month when romaine samples tested positive for E. coli. The infected bags are no longer on store shelves, but if you don't see the lettuce at your local grocery store, this may be why.

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Homestead Creamery Eggnog

white holiday eggnog with cinnamon stick

If you're planning to get into the holiday spirit this Thanksgiving with eggnog, you should know about this recall. Multiple drinks from Homestead Creamery, including eggnog, were voluntarily recalled. Homestead Creamery isn't discontinuing eggnog, but if you're looking for it on store shelves, you might have to go for another eggnog brand.


Pumpkin Pie Halo Top

halo top pumpkin pie

If Halo Top is your favorite ice cream brand, we have some bad news. According to, 10 regular flavors of Halo Top have been discontinued, along with the seasonal pumpkin pie flavor.


Costco Sheet Cake

costco sheet cakes

Earlier this year, Costco confirmed that it had halted sales of half-sheet cakes in U.S. stores. It might be for the best, though—hosting a large party isn't a great idea during the pandemic.


Progresso Soup

progresso soups

Progresso has cut down its soup offerings from 90 to 50, according to Xtalks. We don't have a full list of the discontinued products, but if your Thanksgiving recipes rely on "cream of" soups, just know that the selection may not be quite as extensive as in years past.


Breyers Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

triple chocolate ice cream breyer's

As previously reported, Breyers' triple chocolate ice cream is another 2020 casualty. RIP.

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