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Vegetable Oils Might Actually Not Be Good For You

You may have heard that a number of dietary fats are primo belly fat zappers—and it’s true! But, unfortunately, if you’re using certain types of fat in your cooking, you could be doing your health a major disservice. And yes, even if the pounds are flying off.
Vegetable Oils Might Actually Not Be Good For You

As it turns out, when certain oils are cooked over high heat, they release toxic chemicals called aldehydes that have been linked to cancer, dementia and heart disease, according to Professor Martin Grootveld of De Montfort University Leicester. To make this discovery, volunteers were given various vegetable oils and animal fats and told to use them in their cooking. After meals were prepared, Grootveld and his team collected the leftover oil for analysis. As they compared the various oils and fats, it became evident that all of them had produced concentrations of aldehydes, however, some of them were laced with far of the health-harming chemicals than others. The worst offenders? Sunflower and corn oil. They both produced aldehydes at levels 20 times higher than recommended by the World Health Organisation. Olive oil, rapeseed oil, butter and goose fat, however, all produced far fewer aldehydes, according to a De Montfort University Leicester press release.

Eat This! Tip

If you enjoy using sunflower oil or corn oil, you don’t necessary have to kick them to the curb. Just don’t use them over a high flame. The research team say these oils don’t release toxic chemicals until they reach 356 degrees. If you’re cooking, roasting or pan-frying, they suggest using olive oil.

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