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Veggan: The Newest Dietary Lifestyle

Not vegan— vEGGan!

Do you wish you could reach for the carton of eggs while on your vegan diet? Congrats, you can now identify yourself as a veggan! The traditional vegan diet has been around and grown in popularity over the past few years with many bloggers, foodies, and celebrities jumping on the plant-based bandwagon. But there's a new diet that's hit the health food scene: Veggan

While veganism excludes consuming anything that contains animal product like dairy, eggs, and meat, a veggan is a vegan who incorporates eggs into their diets. And unlike vegetarians, veggans still steer clear from having cheese and any other dairy.

The #veggan search on Instagram has exploded with over 5,000 posts—and it may be causing some beef between the vegans and veggans. Figuratively, that is. Many vegans are in an uproar about the new trend because of their ethical reasons, insisting that veganism is a lifestyle and not just a diet. Veggans, on the other hand, are standing behind their choice to include eggs because they feel too restricted on a traditional vegan diet and argue that they're not getting the right amount of complete protein. (The recommended protein intake for women per day is about .35 grams of protein for every 1 pound you weight and .56 grams per pound for men.)

Veganism is one the the best diets for weight loss if you stick to whole ingredients and stay away from the processed sugary foods like Oreos (which are technically vegan). Some vegans who are also highly-active report not always having enough energy and need a good boost of protein to get through their workouts. That's where the eggs come in; a single egg has 6 grams of high-quality protein, iron, vitamin D, and B12, all of which are typically lacking in a vegan-based diet. So, if you're on the vegan diet looking for that flat belly—but feel like you don't have that energy you need—going "veggan" might be the answer.


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