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This Chain is Now Using the World's Most Expensive Beef in Their Subs

Forget Black Angus beef.

You may have heard of wagyu beef—the most prized type of beef in the world that naturally comes with a hefty price tag (a pound can cost up to $200)—but most of us haven't actually had the opportunity to try it. Outside of high-end fine dining restaurants and steakhouses, the average consumer may have a hard time getting their hands on this revered piece of meat. But one beloved chain restaurant is about to change that.

In this innovate-or-die climate for restaurants, Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, a chain with 112 locations across 16 states, seized an opportunity to bring something extraordinary to their customers. The restaurant is adding several items featuring American Wagyu beef to their menus, at surprisingly accessible prices.

You'll be able to enjoy this luxurious beef in their American Wagyu Roast Beef, American Wagyu Slaw Be Joe, and American Wagyu Cheese Steak subs, as well as in Wagyu and Bleu Salad and on catering trays. Prices range from $10.49 for a small sub to $19.99 for a large, which is likely the cheapest way to try the beef that superstar chefs are clamoring for.

The award-winning sandwich shop partnered with Snake River Farms, the leading producer of Wagyu beef in America, to bring this top-quality product to consumers that may not have had a chance to try it yet. "At Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, our passion is to be extraordinary. For us that means bringing our fans the highest-quality ingredients for the best tasting subs," said CEO Ashley Morris. "We are very excited to offer American Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms, making this exceptional beef accessible and affordable to the masses, not just at pricey fine-dining steakhouses."

Why is Wagyu beef so expensive?

Wagyu beef originated in Japan, and is produced from a breed of cows with more intramuscular fat cells. Because the fat is distributed more evenly throughout the muscle tissue, the meat produced form these cows is more tender and flavorful than any other in the world.

American Wagyu is known for its highly-marbled, rich, and tender flavor that practically melts in your mouth. Although the Japanese Wagyu beef is considered by some to be the only legitimate Wagyu beef, American producers use imported Japanese cattle to achieve comparable results. American Wagyu Association was formed in 1990, to assure the same rigorous standards of quality in Wagyu beef raised in the United States. The meat is judged on several characteristics: marbling, color, firmness, texture, and fat quality.

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