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Walmart is Adding More of This COVID-19 Essential

You can now order this coronavirus item online.

Safety rules are constantly changing, but Walmart has a menu of options available to help customers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. From curbside pickup to drone deliveries, there are already many ways to shop for what you need while keeping contact to a minimum. In its latest upgrade, the retail giant is expanding access to testing in a big way.

In total, Walmart has almost 600 in-person testing locations, including drive-thru testing in some of its store parking lots and testing at some of its pharmacy drive-thrus. Eight months after the start of the pandemic, the company is adding a new way to screen for the virus. Both and are now offering several COVID-19 test collection kit options for at-home testing.

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Customers can choose between six different nasal and saliva kit variations on and two different ones on After checkout, a code will provide a health survey to fill out before the test is mailed to your home. Once you gather your sample in the comfort of your own house, you mail it to a lab. Results generally arrive between 24 and 48 hours, and some kits even include a telehealth call with a healthcare professional if you receive a positive result.

The tests range in price from $99 to $135, and some can also test for the flu. Walmart tested at-home testing kits delivered by drone earlier this fall. For customers looking for other items on Walmart's website, be aware that the chain just got rid of this online shopping rule.

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Amanda McDonald
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