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Walmart Just Brought Back This Iconic Hot Sauce Collection

The grocery giant has the perfect stocking stuffer for the hot sauce lover.
desert fire hot sauce

If you have any hot sauce enthusiasts in your family, Walmart may just have the perfect item for you to gift them. The grocery giant brought back its seasonal, one-of-a-kind Desert Fire Hot Sauce Flight.

Instagram account @dadbodsnacks spotted the beloved item in-store, which Delish reports was available last year during the holiday season. (Related: 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback)

The Desert Fire Hot Sauce Flight goes for less than $10 at Walmart and includes 12 mini bottles of hot sauce as well as a list of recipes to include them in. Flavors include Ghost Valley Jalapeño, Sweet Chipotle, Habanero, and Tumbleweed Teriyaki among various other western-inspired varieties. However, the flight isn't the only iconic hot sauce lovers gift Walmart is selling this year—the chain also rolled out a few new items.

Shoppers can also look forward to a moonshine habanero hot sauce and a hot sauce kit that comes with a spinner game. What's a spinner game, you may ask? In this context, it's a spinning wheel that will land on different challenges such as mixing three sauces together, trying one drop of each hot sauce in the kit, or taking a shot of hot sauce.

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