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Walmart Is Making Thousands of New Items Available Online

Shopping at Walmart is about to become so much better . . . yet again.
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Soon enough, Walmart's online offer may end up looking like Amazon's. Two days ago, Walmart announced a new partnership with Shopify, an online retail platform used by over 1 million businesses. This will hugely expand the offer on Walmart Marketplace—the company plans on enlisting 1,200 new third-party sellers whose products will be available for purchase from the supermarket giant. 

What that means for you is that you'll be able to purchase thousands of new items from Walmart's website—including products from brands you weren't able to get at Walmart before. The move is also a fruitful one for small businesses being onboarded. They'll be able to reach the 120 million monthly customers already using Walmart's online marketplace—an exposure they haven't had before. While we don't yet know exactly what kinds of new products we can expect to see on Walmart's website, the company announced they will be adding U.S.-based small and medium-sized businesses with an assortment that complements their own.

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Jeff Clementz, the vice president of Walmart Marketplace said in a statement the retail giant is "excited to be able to offer customers an expanded assortment while also giving small businesses access to the surging traffic on"

Walmart's e-commerce businesses saw a big boost during the pandemic, when shoppers turned to online ordering and curbside pickups for most of their household and food necessities. The company reported a growth of 74% for their online sales in the first quarter. They are currently the second largest online retailer in the U.S., after Amazon.

This move is just the latest in a series of steps the company has taken to ensure convenience and safety for their shoppers this year—a few days ago, we learned about their plans to  replace all traditional checkout lanes with self-checkout stations. Sign up for our newsletter to get up-to-date food and grocery news delivered straight to your inbox.

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