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Why Some Of Your Favorite Walmart Items Aren't in Stores

They aren't in stores now—but they will be soon!
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Shopping for groceries and other retail items has changed this year, and Walmart is responding by trying out new ways to operate in four test stores. One test involves the availabilities of items in-store vs. online, and it may alter the way you shop in the future.

Some of your favorite products may not be currently available both at your neighborhood Walmart and the chain's website right now, and the discount retailer wants to fix that. To establish what it's calling "omni-assortment" in the first test store, Walmart is shifting most of the in-store apparel online.

Through the test, the company will learn how to make all of its product offerings truly "omni." In the future, you may be able to get everything on your list by going to your neighborhood store or from the palm of your hand. (Related: 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

The four test stores will also work on other enhancements involving the checkout experience, inventory speed, and online ordering.

"We've identified these four stores across the country to serve as test centers where we will continuously rotate new technology, digital tools, and physical enhancements in and out of the stores—all with the intention of helping our associates better and more easily serve our customers," , John Crecelius, the SVP of associate product and next generation stores, said in a statement. "Their purpose is to find solutions that help our stores operate as both physical shopping destinations and online fulfillment centers in a way that has yet to be seen across the retail industry."

Another change Walmart will implement soon? Additional store hours!

Amanda McDonald
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