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Walmart Is Now Offering This Easy Return Service

You won't even have to worry about stepping into the store this holiday season.
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This year, getting a package in the mail will likely elicit the same reaction as opening a present on Christmas morning. However, if you need to return the item or gift, coordinating how it gets back to the retailer can be a burden. In an effort to alleviate that stress this holiday season, Walmart is offering free returns and pickups on online orders.

The grocery store chain has partnered with FedEx to bring customers a return option that doesn't involve heading into a crowded Walmart, according to a post on the company's website. (Related: 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

Carrier Pickup allows customers to start a return on or on the Walmart app and select the item that needs to be sent back. The package is then picked up on the date selected—no trip to the store required. Walmart even says refunds for these returns can be credited as soon as the very next day.

Now, say you need to return an online item but can't print out the label at home, Walmart has an alternative for you. Instead of selecting a pickup time, choose "Drop off at FedEx" instead. When taking the package to FedEx, show them the return code and they will print the label right there for you.

In addition to these two new methods, Walmart is making it easy for those without a Walmart account to return items by allowing these consumers to save a spot in line at the store. The company has also opened other return areas inside so social distancing rules can be still be enforced.

We know what you're thinking, what if I don't have the receipt? No problem! The cashier can look up the transaction using the credit or debit card used to buy the item. In short: the retail giant is really making the holiday shopping (specifically the return process) hassle-free this year.

For more on navigating getting everything you need at the mega-chain this holiday season, here are 8 Ways to Shop Safely at Walmart Right Now.

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