6 Costco Food Court Changes

Ice cream is back!

For many, there's nothing quite like a sweet, cool treat after a successful warehouse run. Unfortunately, Costco took them off the menu when the pandemic started, but now, ice cream and smoothies are back! There's no word yet on any price or ingredient changes.


Bigger churros

In case you haven't heard, they got a makeover during their pandemic menu hiatus. The new churros are bigger, which means there's more crunch and cinnamon sugar. What's also bigger is the price: they're now $1.49 instead of $1.


Touchless soda dispensers

It works exactly how you think it will: by placing your cup underneath, the sensors pick up the movement and begin to pour. One Reddit user says it's just like the touchless sinks in bathrooms.


Outdoor seating

Costco is adding outdoor seating to warehouses again, according to CNN. Since masks are still required inside and samples are to-go only, it may be a little while until indoor seating is available again, too, but it's reportedly  in discussion.


Condiments & cutlery at the counter

You'll still have to ask an employee for anything you need (like ketchup, mustard, onions, or relish for your $1.50 hot dog and soda combo). While this isn't really a recent change, it's a pandemic food court rule the warehouse chain is keeping.


Chicken sandwiches... in Canada!

Costco just debuted a Crispy Chicken Sandwich in Canada. The sandwich comes with chicken and spicy mayo on a  soft cheese bun. A Costco spokesperson did not comment  to  Eat This, Not That!  if the sandwich will be in the U.S.


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