Secret Side Effects of Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

You may experience an upset stomach.

Consuming even small amounts of apple cider vinegar—less than an ounce—may cause some digestive distress. One controlled trial study showed those who consumed ACV reported a lower appetite, but had significantly greater feelings of nausea and indigestion.


Your blood sugar  may stabilize.

Researchers noted in a 2018 analysis that vinegar has been found to slow gastric emptying, thereby slowing the digestion of complex carbohydrates and consequently flattening the peak of postmeal blood glucose. 


Your tooth enamel  may break down.

While carbonated beverages may erode tooth enamel due to their high levels of carbonic acid and citric acid, some studies have found that acetic acid—the predominate acid in ACV—may also have the same effect.


Your cholesterol levels may improve.

Some studies that looked at how taking ACV can affect human health have found that the ingredient may improve cholesterol levels. One animal study found that when animals consumed vinegar for four weeks, they displayed reduced triglyceride levels.


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