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7 Weirdest Things You Can Buy at Costco

There's way more to the warehouse than groceries and toilet paper.

Sure, you've been to Costco to stock up on toilet paper or to buy gluten-free snacks. And who can resist the rotisserie chicken? But true Costco devotees know that there's way more to the warehouse club than those obvious choices.

From wedding stationery to pianos, Costco and are home to all sorts of things you'd never expect to find at the same place you buy milk and eggs. Here are some of the weirdest things you can buy at Costco.

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Engagement rings

costco ring
Courtesy of Costco

Planning to pop the question? You can get a sparkler right at Costco, along with plenty of other jewelry options. Who knew you could get an engagement ring and toilet paper at the same store?

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Wine tap

costco winestation wine tap

Forget opening and pouring a wine bottle. This four-bottle WineStation will serve you wine right on tap, for the cool price of $4999.99.


Digital grand piano

costco digital grand piano in living room
Courtesy of Costco

You don't have to find a music store. Just head to to find multiple piano options, including this digital grand piano that retails for a cool $2,399.99.


Wedding invitations

wedding invitation and stationery set

Why head to a fancy stationery shop when you can order save-the-date cards and wedding invitations from Costco? There are plenty of customizable templates, and they look pretty nice, too.


Chicken coop

outdoor chicken coop from costco
Courtesy of Costco

Those with rabbits or chickens will be happy to know that this chicken coop is available for $89.99 from Costco.



view of Airbnb apartment interior

Planning a trip for when the pandemic is over? You can use Costco Travel to book vacation packages, hotels, and rental cars.



open casket

If you're in need of a casket for a deceased loved one, you can order a funeral casket from Costco. It's a bit of a random item for them to carry, but it's nice for members to know they can find a casket from the warehouse for under $1,000.

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