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Wendy's Just Debuted a Birthday Cake Frosty—Its First New Flavor Since 2006

Birthday cake frosty? Yep, we'll be trying that.

If you're a fan of the Wendy's Frosty—and who isn't?—you're in for a massive treat. This week, Wendy's is launching a Birthday Cake Frosty, the first new Frosty flavor since vanilla hit the menu in 2006.

So, whose birthday is it, exactly? The new flavor comes in celebration of Wendy's very own 50th birthday (the chain opened its doors on November 15, 1969). And what better way to mark the occasion than with a birthday-themed Frosty treat?

When can you get the Wendy's Birthday Cake Frosty?

Good news: The Birthday Cake Frosty is available now in Wendy's stores and through mobile orders with the Wendy's app. And in addition to the new Frosty flavor, there's a new sundae, too. The Birthday Cake Frosty Cookie Sundae is topped with pieces of sugar cookies and sprinkles—aka, it's perfect for celebrating your "unbirthday" alongside Wendy's actual birthday.

This is a limited-time run, and it's not clear exactly how long the birthday cake Frosty will be available in Wendy's stores. If you've got your heart set on trying out the new treat, you may want to head to Wendy's sooner rather than later.

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What other deals are there for Wendy's 50th birthday?

It's not just the new Frosty. Wendy's is offering some great deals this week, too, including a "2 for $5 Meal Deal." Customers can choose two items—the Dave's Single, a 10-piece box of nuggets, or a homestyle chicken sandwich—for just $5. (The Dave's Single alone, at least in New York, costs $5.49, so this really is a significant deal.) If you don't want two sandwiches or the nuggets, the Dave's Single combo with a drink and a side is also on sale for $5.

And if you love the fun of sticker-based promotions like McDonald's Monopoly, Wendy's has one more treat. Special cups and bags printed for Wendy's 50th anniversary will give you the chance to win free food from Wendy's on future visits. There aren't stickers this time around, though—you'll have to download the Wendy's app and scan the cup to see what you've won.

With National Fast Food Day coming up on Saturday, now's as great a time as ever to take advantage of these Wendy's deals.

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