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Wendy's Stops Serving Burgers at Some Locations Due to Meat Shortage

Where's the beef? Not at some Wendy's locations due to a coronavirus-related meat shortage.

A looming nationwide meat shortage due to the coronavirus appears to already be hitting burger supplies at some California-based Wendy's. The Ohio-based fast food chain has long boasted an "always fresh, never frozen" approach to preparing their square-shaped burger, but in some quarters, a death of fresh beef has led to burgers being taken off their menu.

According to a Bloomberg report picked up by Yahoo Finance, only menu items featuring chicken were available on a Wendy's app in some locations in California. "A check on Wendy's app showed that only chicken items were available for takeout or delivery orders from at least some of its stores in California." the article reported. "The situation has prompted a number of customers to ask "Where's the beef?" on social media, invoking a Wendy's catchphrase from the 1980s that poked fun of the small burgers sold by other chains."

Take a look at an example of such a tweet, below:

Dozens of meat processing facilities across the country have temporarily shuttered due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has led to a number of dire warnings from various companies and executives. The world's largest pork producer Smithfield Food warned that a meat shortage was looming after they closed a Sioux Falls plant, and the Tyson Foods CEO sounded a similar alarm in full-page newspaper ads.

The Chair of the House Committee for Agriculture also warned that the United States may be three weeks away from a meat shortage, and national grocery chains Costco and Kroger have already instituted limits in the amounts of fresh meat that each customer can purchase.

Wendy's earned praise for a free chicken nugget giveaway in light of the coronavirus pandemic last week, and if the burger shortage continues, Wendy's may be increasingly reliant on the sale of chicken products. Where's the beef? Not at some Wendy's right now.

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