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Wendy's Is Offering Free Chicken Nuggets and Everyone Is Losing It

Free four-piece chicken nuggets, coming your way!

Someone at Wendy's marketing and/or social media team may due for a promotion. A seemingly pedestrian offer to give free chicken nuggets to any Twitter follower appears to have lit the Internet on fire in a manner that, like many Internet phenomena, defies explanation. What's the deal?

Wendy's is offering anyone who likes the following tweet a free four-piece chicken nuggets, in what they are calling a "GroupNug" in ostensible reference to the nationwide lockdown we are all enduring due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Since publishing their first promotional tweet at 7:30 on Monday, nearly three million people had seen the tweet. It has been retweeted almost 4,000 times and has over 43,000 likes. Check out the GroupNug tweet:

It seems that you don't actually need to click the Like button on the Tweet to get the free 4 piece chicken nuggets, you just have to show up at your local Wendy's to take advantage of the offer. While you're there to get the free nuggets, you'll likely also purchase a soda, maybe some fries and/or their signature square-shaped burger ( always fresh, never frozen!). That's how they'll get you.

Of course, Wendy's didn't just promote this on Twitter. They also published a countdown clock on their Instagram and Facebook Stories. Video from their Facebook presence below:

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The coronavirus pandemic has been particularly challenging for restaurants, bars and food courts since the White House released stay at home guidelines over a month ago. While the nearly nationwide lockdown appears to have successfully "flattened the curve," it has also been an economic disaster. In fact, only four national restaurant chains boasted of a profitable first quarter.

Wendy's free nugget offer to a nation reeling from the public health crisis may be seen by some as a cynical marketing ploy. But, most see it as a fun and effective way to get people to their restaurant. And who couldn't use a little good news these days?

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