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Wendy's Just Debuted This "Juicier" Chicken Sandwich

The Homestyle Chicken Sandwich could never.

The chicken sandwich wars just got juicer with Wendy's all-new fried chicken sandwich.

The chain rolled out its latest menu item—the Classic Chicken Sandwich—on Thursday. "How is it different than the Crispy Chicken Sandwich?" you may ask. This sandwich promises a plumper, juicier, and crispier fried chicken filet. Plus, it's topped with the full works: crunchy lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pickles. (Related: 9 Restaurant Chains That Closed Hundreds of Locations This Summer)

Starting today, you can head to your local Wendy's and try the sandwich for yourself for the low-price of $4.99. If you have Wendy's app, you can score a $2 discount for a limited time only. The new menu item kicks the longstanding Homestyle Chicken Sandwich to the curb, which was lower in popularity than the other chicken choices on the menu.

The juicy fried chicken filet will also replace the patty used in the brand's other premium chicken sandwiches, including the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club and the Bacon Jalapeño Chicken Sandwich. See how those sandwiches, as well as burgers, rank in nutrition in The Best and Worst Menu Items at Wendy's.

The Classic Chicken Sandwich is only one of the new menu additions Wendy's introduced this year. In March, the company dished out an entirely new breakfast menu, complete with 22 main meals, sides, and beverages. The chain also recently rolled out the all-new Pretzel Bacon Pub Burger, of which the beef patty can be swapped for a fried chicken breast.

Whether it was Wendy's intention or not, the Classic Chicken Sandwich serves as the brand's entry into the chicken sandwich wars led by Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. McDonald's and KFC both introduced a boneless chicken sandwich this year to less hype. Be sure to read up on 5 Things You Didn't Know About Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich for more information on the rivalry.

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