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Eat This!

What 5 Doctors Keep in Their Fridge

If anyone knows how to live healthfully, it’s a doctor.

What 5 Doctors Keep in Their Fridge
Eat This!
What 5 Doctors Keep in Their Fridge

If anyone knows how to live healthfully, it’s a doctor.

Even with busy schedules (and we mean busy), doctors of all ages find the time to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Here, five doctors weigh in on what’s always in their fridge (and why) to help you stock an MD-approved kitchen.

Vegetables and Fruit

“I think you should always have well-balanced, easy to prepare food, like I do. Roughage, as I like to call it, such as salad, veggies and greens in general, is great for bowel health.” – Elizabeth Berger, M.D.

“I always have at least one box of salad mixed greens so my husband and I can try to hit multiple servings of fruits and veggies per day. We get the small boxes of mixed greens so we can (hopefully) eat it all before it goes bad.” – Nicole Kurzbard Roach, M.D.

"For me, my fridge staple has got to be fresh blueberries. They are delicious as a snack, in a smoothie, or for dessert. And to top it off, they contain loads of antioxidants, which fight off all the free radicals my skin accumulates throughout the day from the sun and pollution in the air. The result? A happy stomach and a clear face." – Lauren Rimoin, M.D.


“I usually keep a protein (most often chicken or tofu) as well as some easy carbs such as pasta or rice on hand for easy weeknight dinners, because they’re easy to cook in a variety of ways without too much effort.” – Dr. Kathryn Melamed, M.D.

“We have a bunch of chicken breasts and fish filets in the freezer for dinner, which I'll make with brown rice and asparagus or with whole-wheat pasta, garlic and tomatoes. Basically, my ideal dinner plate is half veggies, low glycemic index carbs, if any, and some sort of lean protein.” – Dr. Nicole Kurzbard Roach, M.D.

“You can usually find some leftover tuna salad (with minimal mayonnaise) in Tupperware waiting to be made into a sandwich for lunch in my fridge. I also keep lean proteins around for easy dinners. It varies, but right now I have a couple pounds of lean ground turkey I am planning to make into burger patties for dinner. These will be topped with some of the arugula and tomatoes I bought last night.” – Christian Sanfilippo, M.D.

Healthy Snacks

“Staples for me are hummus–because it's quick, easy, healthy and goes with everything–as well as apples and bananas. They last a while, and bananas can become banana bread if I don't get around to eating them before they get old!” – Elizabeth Berger, M.D.

“I always keep some dessert or snack food around the house–cereal with almond milk, cheese, hummus, fruit, popcorn, or sorbet. These are all quick, relatively healthful snacks that you can grab while finishing up work on the weekend or running out the door for the next meeting.” – Kathryn Melamed, M.D.

“We have fruit such as apples, berries and grapefruit around for snacks, as well as eggs, lean lunch meats, carrots, salsa and guacamole. We also keep nuts and tortilla chips on hand to nibble on.” – Nicole Kurzbard Roach, M.D.

“I have some snack items on hand in my kitchen at all times: Low-fat plain Greek yogurt because it’s high in protein, grapes for potable snacking, string cheese to get my calcium and baby carrots (after all, I am an eye doctor, and carrots are great for vision!).” – Christian Sanfilippo, M.D.


“I always have milk in my fridge. Especially as a woman, it's important for my calcium, and even though I know there are a lot of other ways to get calcium, I just like milk!" – Elizabeth Berger, M.D.

Breakfast Staples

“For breakfast, I keep Greek yogurt, granola and berries around and top it all with a little bit of honey. The key is to have a quick breakfast that is also high in protein and fiber to get you through the long, busy morning.” – Kathryn Melamed, M.D.

“I always keep almond milk on hand for cereal, and eggs that I can hard boil over the weekend for the busy week ahead. I’ll grab a bowl of cereal or a couple of these eggs for breakfast in the mornings. I also keep some lean turkey bacon for when I have a little more time.” – Christian Sanfilippo, M.D.

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