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These are the Next 5 USA COVID Hotspots

Five states have positivity rates higher than anywhere else in the nation.

The US is on track to hit 200,000 coronavirus deaths this week, and the pandemic is far from over: More than half of states are reporting a rise in cases, and five states—Wisconsin, Idaho, South Dakota, Iowa and Kansas—have a coronavirus positivity rate above 15% (the percentage of all tests given that come back positive for coronavirus). Here's what's behind the numbers in the nation's latest COVID-19 hotspots. Read on, and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.



Aerial Drone Milwaukee Marina Wisconsin

Positivity rate: 17%

Wisconsin surpassed 100,000 coronavirus cases overall, and reported cases have surged 88% in just two weeks. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi urged the University of Wisconsin-Madison to move its classes online, saying the decision to hold in-person classes is responsible for the growth of positive cases in the state.



boise idaho

Positivity rate: 16.7%

Idaho's seven-day average of coronavirus cases was 283.3 as of Saturday, compared to 242.9 a week earlier, the Idaho Statesman reported. That's a day after Boise State University said 76 students and one staff member had tested positive for the virus in the last week.

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South Dakota

A storm rolls in at dawn at the South Dakota State Capitol building in Pierre, South Dakota

Positivity rate: 16.6%

Coronavirus cases in South Dakota are rising among all age groups, but fastest in older people, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reported on Friday. That's one month after the infamous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a "super-spreader" event held in the state that has been linked to 260,000 coronavirus cases nationwide.



Kansas State Capitol Building on a Sunny Day

Positivity rate: 15.1%

The seven-day rolling average of new infections in Kansas City was 307 as of Sunday, according to the Kansas City Star. That compares to 262 a week ago. State health officials say the median age of people newly diagnosed with COVID-19 is 35, while the median age of deaths is 79. 

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pappajohn sculpture park iowa
Paul Brady Photography/Shutterstock

Positivity rate: 14.9%

Coronavirus cases in Iowa are rising among young people and education workers, the Gazette reported Monday. Nearly 20 percent of overall coronavirus test results in the previous 24 hours came back positive. Gov. Kim Reynolds extended an order to close bars in two university communities, where disease spikes occurred after students returned to school and socializing.


How to Stay Healthy


As for yourself, do everything you can to prevent getting—and spreading—COVID-19: Wear a face mask, avoid crowds (and bars, and house parties), practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and to get through this pandemic at your healthiest, don't miss these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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