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The One Hack Everyone's Doing With Wine, According to an Expert

It's so simple, you'll wonder how you never thought of it.

There's absolutely never a bad time to learn a wine hack. There are so many different ways to enjoy wine—and we're not just talking sipping it with dinner, on the couch watching a movie, or at those virtual happy hours. One not-so-secret wine tip is that you can use it as an ingredient when cooking. Take this Classic Beef Stew recipe, for example, if you're wondering what gives dishes like this their depth of flavor, look no further than your bottle of pinot noir.

Don't worry, using wine in your cooking wasn't the hack—it's how you go about using that wine that's we're about to make much easier thanks to this expert tip. Nik Fields, celebrity chef and cookbook author from The Chic Chef, and an ETNT medical expert board member, gave us the simplest hack to use when cooking with this happy hour classic. Here's what she recommends, and for even more cooking tips, check out our list of the 100 Easiest Recipes You Can Make.

All you need to do is freeze your wine in ice trays.

wine hack

No, these wine cubes aren't meant to be used as ice in your drink (but we wouldn't tell if you did). Instead, Chef Nik uses these leftover wine cubes to make cooking sauces that much easier—no more fussing around to find a bottle opener or opening an entire bottle of wine just for the 1/2 cup needed in your recipe.

There's truly no easier way to incorporate wine into sauces. Plus, Chef Nik points out, this hack is also "a great way to use wine before it goes flat". So, if you're in the mood for a glass of wine, but can't re-cork the bottle once it's opened, freezing it is a great alternative.

And while you're popping those ice trays filled with wine in your freezer, Chef Nik advises putting some grapes in the freezer as well. Keep those ice trays with wine for cooking, and use those frozen grapes to perfectly chill your wine without watering it down. Not to mention, adding the grapes to your wine glass will give it some great color. It's a beautiful, yet practical addition to an already perfect glass of your favorite wine.

Now that you have frozen wine to use, check out our list of 15 Clever Ways to Use Leftover Red Wine.

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