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Woman Loses 112 Pounds By Making This Simple Diet Change

If sugar is the supervillain of the weight loss world, there's no doubt that soda is its weapon of choice. Americans consume 53 gallons of the stuff per year — and it's not doing our waistlines any favors.

Even so, we guzzle away. Many people don't realize just how much of an impact cola has on their health and weight-loss efforts. Consider one British woman who used to consume four liters of Coca-Cola daily and lost almost half her bodyweight after giving up the drink. Sarah Turner, 27, of Kingstanding, Birmingham, dropped a whopping 112 pounds and eight dress sizes after making the simple diet change, Caters News reported. She now weighs 126 pounds.

Though it was an effective slim-down strategy, we can't say we're too shocked by her results. When Turner gave Coke the ax, she subsequently cut 424 grams of sugar from her daily diet, which is what you'd find in 550 jelly beans. And all the excess sugar and caffeine wasn't just weighing her down, it was causing her energy to plummet, too. "I was most definitely addicted to Coke. I was always tired and had no energy to do anything, but now I can take my children out and run around in the park with them," Turner said in a recent interview.

Eat This! Tip

Weight loss and improved energy are just two of the many perks of kicking soda to the curb for good. To make it happen, set small, achievable goals. For instance, if you have a two-a-day habit, cut back to one. The following week, aim to consume no more than two or three cans a week — and better yet, make them the homemade, all-natural variety, free of harmful chemicals. Continue weaning yourself off the stuff until you've cut it out of your diet altogether.

Dana Leigh Smith
Dana has written for Women's Health, Prevention, Reader's Digest, and countless other publications. Read more about Dana Leigh