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These Photos of a Proud Farmer and His Enormous Onion Will Make You Smile

... or tear up. Either one.

There are a lot of layers to this story.

Images of a British farmer named Peter Glazebrook showing off his record-breaking, 18-pound, world's biggest onion are making the rounds on the Internet, bringing smiles to even the most stressed-out individuals concerned about, well, you know.

Earlier today, Django Gold, a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and former contributor to (wait for it) The Onion, posted the images (which are from 2012) on Twitter. He presented the photo montage by noting the coronavirus-filled and discouraging week, "but hopefully this English guy who grows trophy-sized onions will cheer you up."

Take a look at said photos here:

Go ahead and click the tweet above and bask in the proud glory (and glorious pride) presented by Mr. Glazebrook and his 18-pound onion. The Daily Mail introduced the Newark, England farmer back in 2012 with a lovely write-up that included the world's biggest onion images above.

The Daily Mail reported:

Mr Glazebrook had been attempting to cultivate a record-breaking onion for 25 years until setting a new record at last year's Harrogate Flower Show.

Speaking at the time, he said he seeded his onions rather than eating them.

He said: 'If you did I should think it could feed a thousand people. It would certainly do for a lot of hotdogs.'

Turns out, Glazebrook is a world-renowned grower of huge veggies. In addition to the heaviest onion, he also holds world records for the longest beetroot (21 feet), parsnip (19 feet, 5 inches), and the heaviest potato (11 pounds).

Legend has it that he and his wife had to cut up and freeze his record-breaking cauliflower, which measured an incredible 60 pounds and was SIX FEET wide. Now that's dedication to eating your veggies.

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