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The # 1 Worst Thing You Can Do at a Fast Food Restaurant

If you plan on grabbing a burger and fries at your favorite fast food chain, you need to avoid doing this.
McDonalds employee mask

Compared to other restaurants and establishments, numerous fast-food restaurants are still open for delivery and takeout during the coronavirus pandemic. While some are only offering drive-thru service, there are a few restaurants allowing customers to enter the restaurant and order carry out on the premises. Even though proper social distancing and health safety precautions are being enforced, there is still one more step that customers and employees need to take to ensure safety all around, and that's wearing a face mask. By not wearing a face mask, it is easily the number one worst thing to do at a fast-food restaurant right now.

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Why does wearing a face mask matter?

Experts have proven that COVID-19 can be spread among others even before symptoms appear for the affected individual. This means that people can unknowingly be spreading it so proper precautions need to take place.

Even looking at the data of how far a cough can spread is staggering. According to a video released by Finnish researchers, a cough can spread a few meters, leaving anyone in the area subject to catching the virus.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that wearing a mask can eliminate the distance a cough travels and leaves those within a six-feet distance protected. They highly recommend wearing a cloth face-covering in public areas to maintain the spread of the virus, especially in areas where there is a significant number of people. This obviously includes when you go to pick up your burger and fries at McDonald's.

The CDC highly recommends using a cloth face covering and saving the surgical masks for healthcare workers. They even have a full tutorial online about how to easily make one at home, and recommend washing it regularly. When you remove the mask after using, make sure to wash your hands immediately, and do not touch your nose, mouth, or eyes. The CDC says using a cloth face mask will completely lose its value if its not combined with frequent hand washing and social distancing.

So while it may seem like you don't have coronavirus, you never know if you're carrying symptoms without even realizing it, furthering the spread. By wearing a mask you can protect those employees at your favorite fast-food chains who are working tirelessly to help get food on our tables.

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