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Your Day in Health: February 10

Using this novel utensil may help you be more mindful as you eat.
Your Day in Health: February 10

MUNCHIES: Eating with This Spoon Feels Like Licking Food from Your Fingers

"The most recent development from the world of kooky cutlery comes from Oxford University experimental psychologist Charles Michel and Buckinghamshire New University designer Andreas Fabian. The pair have created a spoon that they say can make any food taste better. (And cause people to be more mindful when they're eating.) How exactly? It’s shaped like a finger." Read full story.

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TODAY: Scott Foley Puts Peanut Butter on His Eggs and Everyone's Freaking Out

"Actor Scott Foley may be used to "Scandal," but he's never been involved in one quite like this.Some people douse their eggs in hot sauce. Others cover them in ketchup. But Foley likes to smear them with … wait for it … peanut butter. And the world may never forgive him for it." Read full story.

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DELISH: The McDonald's Logo Has A Hidden Sexual Meaning

"You've probably always assumed that the McDonald's logo — those famous golden arches — is an M for McDonald's. While that is true, there's actually some subliminal sexual stuff happening in the design: Boobs. In the 1960s, McDonald's hired design consultant and psychologist Louis Cheskin to come up with a new logo, Food Beast reports. In the book Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, author Eric Schlosser revealed that Cheskin convinced McDonald's executives that breast-shaped arches would send a subliminal message and help bring in customers." Read full story.

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